Adhesive PU Foam 750 ML

BRİMAN Adhesive PU Foam is a single-component polyurethane foam cured quickly with environmental humidity after it is sprayed to the application area.

BRIMAN Adhesive PU Foam has many specifications those make it competitive and preferably such;

·         Faster and strong adhesion of various building materials such as; thermal insulation board, door frames, wall and roofing cladding boards.

·         Strong adhesion to EPS and XPS boards.

·         Ready to use in metal tube.

·         Great adhesion performance to concrete, aerated concrete, gypsum boards, seramic floor tile and cement based surfaces.

·         Easy carriage and application thanks to max. weight of 1 kg.

·         More economic, easy usage and has the faster application than all the cement based adhesives.

·         Possibility of dowelling with in 2 hours just after application.

·         Adhesion to application area in short time and getting hard in 20-25 minutes.

·         Just with usage 850 gr. tube there are the following possiblities ;

*The fixation of 9-10 m2 EPS-XPS boards for exterior side of the building.

* The fixation of 12-14 m2 EPS-XPS boards for undergroundwork insulation.

·         Coefficient thermal conductivity is 0,035 w/mK.

·         The thermal lose is prevented due to filling of the gaps between the boards.

·         Advantage of application at lower temperatures and high humidity areas.

·         The average application temperatures are between 0°C and + 40 0°C.

·         According to specification area’s conditions it is getting hard between 2,5-3 hours at 0°C and maximum in 15 minutes at +40°C.

The product that has the minimum foam thermal expansion is durable to water. Maximum water absorbent is measured as %1.