PIR Sandwich Panel

BRİMAN PIRPOLY product group is used in high-pressure continuous polyurethane production lines.

Materials included in this product group are designed by taking into consideration many essential points such as non-flammability, viscosity of the polyol formulation depending on manufacturing machine, reaction profile and mechanical properties of the polyurethane foam.

Therefore the formulations prepared according to customer-specifications and needed and finalised successfully thanks to the detailed works performed in advance.

BRİMAN SPPOLY group includes the materials of PIR 300-350 index and class B1 conforming to DIN 4102 standard.

BRİMAN PIRPOLY group’s products work in high efficiency through Pentane and 141b gases. Our systems can be designed with 3 components (Polyol-PMDI-Gas), 4 components (Polyol-PMDI-Gas-Catalyst), or 5 components (Polyol-PMDI-Gas-Catalyser-OH Regulator).