Spray Insulation Applications

BRİMAN SFPOLY product group includes 2-compnent spray insulation materials having different properties.

These products applied by a high-pressure machine and have free foam density of 12 kg/m3, 22 kg/m3, 28 kg/m3, 40 kg/m3 and 50 kg/m3. Our company is the first and only producer and provider of 12 kg/m3 and 22 kg/m3 materials in Turkey. For more information and sample request please do not hestitate to contact us.

This group’s products those have less odour; are designed in order to ensure in closed application areas to not disturb the operators. The foam that sprayed conforming to the technical instructions has %1 maximum shrinkage. In order to prevent the flowing particularly in ceiling applications, the foam should be sprayed from 1-1.5 meters back while the material temperature is 45°C.

The product that used generally in proportion of 1:1, can also be formulised in different proportions according to possibilites of permition of the machinery specifications..

All products in BRİMAN SFPOLY Group are non-flammmable B3 and B2 class according to DIN-4102 standards.

Various gases are used as blowing agents in these blend that has very low viscosity. For more information please do not hestitate to contact us.

Depending on aging coefficient of thermal conductivity of BRİMAN SFPOLY group’s materials have been measured as 0.021 – 0,038 W/mK. The products having very low coefficient of thermal conductivity, yield great results in thermal insulation.  Thicknesses of the other material groups corresponding to insulation of the 2.5-cm BRİMAN  SFPOLY-342 product are indicated in the below schedule