Solar Boiler PU Applications

BRİMAN SEPOLY group contains boiler applications having various reaction profiles depending on the products of different densities and machine technologies. Products of this group can be used in high-and-low-pressure machines.

During injection; polyurethane, as a result of its feature, adheres partially to the plugs on the sections where vacuum glass tubes are located. Therefore it is recommended to apply mould-release agent to such plugs before application. Otherwise, the polyurethane foam adhered to the plugs shall make it difficult to pull them out. This distinguish itself with holes formed at the bottom of the sheets.

In BRİMAN SEPOLY product group; Various blowing agents- such water- are avaliable.

It is recommended to fill big boiler systems by two or more injections. Otherwise, overpressure on the sheets may cause degeneration or opening on the sheet surfaces. This matter is important particularly for the low-density products.