Wood Imitation PU Applications

BRİMAN WIPOLY group contains the products with different high densities. This product group which has many application areas in the furniture sector has various densities such as 70 kg/m3, 100 kg/m3, 300 kg/m3 and 1000 kg/m3.

Depending on the application type these formulations are suitable for manual and machine usage.

BRİMAN  WIPOLY has many specifications those make it competitive and preferably such as;

  • Our products of 1000 kg/m3, 900 kg/m3 and 950 kg/m3 densities which are mixed with the volume powder do not allow the bubbles on the surface of the final product.
  • Products poured with BRİMAN WIPOLY have the characteristic of very well paint-adhesion. Paints can be mixed directly with the material or upon request can be applied to mould.
  • These materials which have a very shiny surface, are nonbreakable while they are screwed and they hold the screw very well thanks to their ideal structural hardness.
  • No swelling or bending is obsorved during the tests performed under 70°C for 7 days. This feature has a particular importance in applications such as chair legs.
  • Our products do not contain any additives that can be non-hazardous for human health.
  • The product is heated at maximum 75- 80 ˚C in silicone mould. This property make the possibility of using the silicone mould at leat more than two times than other companie’s products.
  • The materials casted with Briman WIPOLY are not stretched until 80-85 ˚C.
  • Due to all these specifications we offer guaranteed products to our customers.